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Click on Useful Contacts to take you to a page which provides links to other websites: the UK Bank, My Pension (your personal HSBC pension information)  and futurefocus (the generic HSBC pension website) which are completely separate entities.

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The website of the HSBC Bank UK Pensioners' Association is intended only for subscribing members of the HSBC Bank UK Pensioners' Association.

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Please note that if you want your pension or payslip details, you are at the wrong site. Please click on Useful Contacts to find the link to the futurefocus site.

News from the Association

Let us have seasonal news from your part of the world...

Little Book of Big Scams

Please don't get us confused!

There appears still to be some confusion between this website and that of the Pension Administrators, Towers Watson.  There are two separate sites, both with their own separate login requirements.

  1. This site, that of the HSBC Bank UK Pensioners' Association.  You must be a member to obtain a login.

  2. The HSBC electronic pension administration website  This is where your pension details are.

Inside, when you have logged in...

  • Information about the Association

  • Information about your Centre

  • The Bank Workers Charity

  • The AGM and Annual luncheon in Cardiff

  • The photography competition

  • Discounts and concessions

  • Contact the Association

  • Find a former colleague

  • Back copies of Pensioner Today

  • and more... but it is only for members.