Contacting The HSBC pensions Administration Team

HSBC Pensions are administrered by Towers Watson whose contact details are on the right.

On the epa website
(electronic pensions administration) you can find details of your individual pension.  You will need logon details provided by Towers Watson.

making contact

Increasingly we are asked for details of how to contact the Group and other organisations about pension and pensioner matters. 

Please note that clicking on the links to external sites mentioned on this page will take you away from this site.  

Members of the Association should log on for further information.

Useful Contact Information

Bank Contacts

bulletHSBC Bank plc - click here for the UK Bank site.  For general telephone enquiries please call of 0345 6024348.

bulletHR Service Delivery Pensioner Welfare - This  number is for calls relating to Pensioner Welfare only.  Please do not use for other enquiries.

  • For all welfare enquires regarding non-pension or payment related matters telephone 0845 602 4348 Option 1 Option1 (again).
  • Postal address:-

    HSBC Bank Plc, Level 2, Block B

    Westside, London Road

    Apsley, Hemel Hempstead

    Herts, HP3 9TD 

Willis Towers Watson - Pension Administrators

For all enquiries on pension and payment matters, you are advised to start with the HSBC Administration team at Towers Watson.

HSBC Pension epa Website

General telephone enquiries: 01737 227575

Pension payment enquiries: 01737 788109                                                


Postal address: PO Box 652, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 9AL.

Note: This, the Horizons website, carries no information about individual pensions.

External Organisations

bulletThe Bank Workers Charity - click the BWC menu item above.